Railsmagazine60x60 A Word from the Editor

by Olimpiu Metiu

Issue: Vol 2, Issue 1 - All Stuff, No Fluff

published in June 2010


Olimpiu Metiu is a Toronto-based architect and the leader of the Emergent Technologies group at Bell Canada. His work includes many of Canada’s largest web sites and intranet portals.

As a long-time Rails enthusiast, he founded Rails Magazine to give back to this amazing community.

Email: editor / at / railsmagazine.com

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After being on hiatus for a few months, Rails Magazine is back and stronger than ever!

Meanwhile, we made great progress internally on developing a new platform, with many improvements to the authoring and editorial workflow.  In fact, this issue was developed using an early build of the new publishing system.   In the future, these enhancements will reflect in a stronger quality for the publication and better tools for all contributors.

I'd like to publicly announce an exciting development for Rails Magazine – a Portuguese edition is coming up, thanks to a wonderful group of Rubyists coordinated by Anderson Leite.  If you'd like to help out with new content or translation, please contact us.

In this number you'll find introductory articles on some essential tools and techniques: front-end development with Haml and Sass (presented by Ethan Gunderson), data extraction with Hpricot (Jonas Alves) and deployment with Capistrano (Omar Meeky).

Advanced readers should find useful Robert Hall's article on fake data testing using the Imposter gem. 

Scalability is an important subject for web development, and Gonçalo Silva is starting a new series on this very topic. Please send him feedback on what would you like to see in future articles.

Our event coverage focuses this time on RubyConf India 2010.

Sarah Allen shares her insights on test-first teaching, advice for women in the Rails community and more in an in-depth interview by Rupak Ganguly.

If you are interested in publishing, web standards or Prince XML, check out my interview with Michael Day.

We are always looking for new contributors. If you'd like to share your knowledge with the Ruby/Rails community, just send an email to editor at railsmagazine dot com with your idea and we'll help you grow it into a published article!