Railsmagazine60x60 Editorial

by Rupak Ganguly

Issue: Vol 2, Issue 2 - Field Day

published in October 2010

Rupak ganguly

Rupak Ganguly lives in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia with his lovely wife and 2 kids. Rupak has a lot of experience in architecting, designing and building web & windows applications. He believes in simple and effective design. Most of the 17+ years of his experience has gone into working with Microsoft technologies. He currently works as a Solution Architect for a big computer firm and enjoys working with cutting edge technologies including ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight. He has also co-authored a book on ASP.NET Custom Controls.

After falling in love with Ruby on Rails in 2005, he never looked back. Rupak has been blogging about Ruby on Rails and freelancing on Ruby on Rails projects ever since. When Rupak is not coding, he is tinkering with some gadget, blogging, reading or having fun with his family.

You can reach him at rupakg /at/ gmail.com or follow him on Twitter as rupakg.

True to our intent of releasing newer editions of our magazine at a more frequent pace, we are happy to bring to you this new edition, packed with insightful articles covering the Rails landscape.

In this issue, we start with an article about auditing, where Mihai and Gabriel Târnovan, talk about various auditing plugins that are available and go on to describe a simple yet effective audit solution for Rails applications.

Next up, we cover a relatively new Rails-based content management system (CMS) - Refinery, by bringing you two excellent in-depth articles by Christopher W. Lehman and David Jones. While David gives us an overview of Refinery CMS, Christopher talks about converting an existing Rails application to Refinery CMS.

In our ongoing efforts to feature articles that cover interesting projects, Dave Reynolds, talks about Hobo - a framework on top of Rails, that makes creating Rails applications easier and faster. The goal of the project is to "write less code" yet staying flexible.

Although the platform of choice for Rails development is either Mac or *nix systems, there are a lot of developers using Windows for Rails development. There are a lot of challenges and hurdles to make things work as expected on Windows and Victor Thiago in his article takes beginners step-by-step through the process of setting up Ruby on Rails on a Windows platform.

On a more less talked about topic of security in Ruby on Rails platform, Richard Penwell, presents an article that shows us how to use the various tools available to us to increase the security of our data. He goes on to showcase his ideas via several small and concise examples in Ruby.

We all have situations where we need to use the debugger in our applications to figure out issues with our code. Stephen Rycyk, introduces us to a whole new way to "examine" the code without inserting debug statements in our code. In this article he shows us how to use his nifty little Ruby module called Examiner.

That is quite an ensemble of articles we have here for this edition. We would like to get your feedback on areas you want us to focus. So head on out and enjoy the read!

As a reminder to all our readers, we are constantly looking for additional help to run the magazine. We would encourage you to contact us if you are interested in joining our editorial team.

We are also looking for contributions to the magazine in form of articles, tips & tricks and Ruby/Rails event coverage. Please be sure to contact us and we will pair you up with an editor who can guide you through the whole process and help you publish your content.