Railsmagazine60x60 Editorial

by Olimpiu Metiu

Issue: Winter Jam

published in December 2009


Olimpiu Metiu is a Toronto-based architect and the leader of the Emergent Technologies group at Bell Canada. His work includes many of Canada’s largest web sites and intranet portals.

As a long-time Rails enthusiast, he founded Rails Magazine to give back to this amazing community.

Email: editor / at / railsmagazine.com

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Looking back as the first year of Rails Magazine comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our authors and editors for their contributions and patience.  I am also proud to present our largest edition here - a holiday gift for everyone interested in Ruby on Rails development.

This issue sports a new, cleaner and consistent design.  Besides the readability improvements, these design changes allow us to automate considerably the layout process.  Part of larger design and automation initiatives, this will enable us to offer a regular and more frequent schedule in 2010.  Next year will also bring a web site redesign, along with a few surprises that we're very excited about.

As usual, we cover a large variety of topics: background processing techniques, using Twitter APIs, building extensions for Radiant, learning about 37 Signals' Sprockets, writing Ruby extensions in C, reflecting on the new world of distributed social service components and much more.

Michael Bleigh's presentation of the excellent Prince XML and his popular Princely plugin should be of interest to anyone generating complex PDFs.

Carlo Pecchia continues his alternative frameworks series, this time covering Sinatra.

Of special note is Mike Gunderloy's overview of RailsBridge, a Rails community that is both friendly and inclusive - I encourage you to check it out and get involved.

We are always on the lookout for quality content, so please consider contributing an article, covering an event or simply promoting the magazine.

Last but not least, sponsoring or advertising with Rails Magazine is effective and appreciated by our readers as a direct service to the community.

Thank You and Happy New Year!