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Satish Kota is the founder and chief technical architect of Heurion Consulting Pvt Ltd, www.heurionconsulting.com, a small RoR shop based in Bangalore, India. He has about 10+ years of experience in developing software for various industries and has worked on multiple technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Microsoft etc.

His interests in Ruby on Rails help him not only develop exciting applications, but also promote the technology. Satish is the Moderator of Bangalore's Ruby Users Group and also provides Corporate/Institutional Training in India. If you have any projects to be executed or training to be conducted, you can reach Satish at satishkota /at/ heurionconsulting /dot/ com.

Satish is also the promoter of www.abilitz.com (built on Ruby on Rails and promoting jobs for Freshers in India).