Railsmagazine60x60 Author Guidelines

We accept article submitted as (X)HTML, RTF, Open Office (ODF), Apple Pages, Microsoft Word - please use what is most convenient for you (and let us know if you prefer another format).

Diagrams and other visual elements can be included; these may be redesigned to be consistent visually with the rest of the magazine. Text formatting (fonts, colors, layout) will be applied as well to fit our look'n'feel.

There may be minor changes (e.g. grammatical, typos) as a result of the final proofreading. These will be applied automatically; for any change more substantial than that we'll check with you first.

Besides the article, please include separately the following:

  • code files, any other support files
  • if appropriate, please include a references (links, etc) section
  • a paragraph about yourself + your photo (or avatar) for the "author profile" sidebar. Feel free to link there to your blog, business or project.

Our audience has varied expertise levels; if your article is advanced, please try to present in the introductory section or in a sidebar (at a high level) the concepts used, current challenges and benefits pursued, so that beginners can at least get the idea and possibly follow along. This will be appreciated also by our off-line audience (e.g. someone reading the print edition on the subway).

Regarding length - we are hesitant to give a word count, but a more in-depth article is somewhat preferable as it should bring more value to our readers. From our FAQ:

How long should my article be?

"As long as it needs to be, and not any longer". Of course, we have some space restrictions, but if your article really needs more space than we have, it can be featured across multiple issues.

In other words, do not worry about article length, and let that be determined organically by your agenda, content and writing style (and time constraints of course ;-). The same goes for content makeup (diagrams etc).

For more details, please check our FAQ for Authors.