Railsmagazine60x60 FAQ

General Questions

How much does Rails Magazine cost?
Rails Magazine is available free of charge.
Is a print edition available?
Yes, Rails Magazine is also available in a print edition.
Is Ruby on Rails being used actively by the Rails Magazine team?
Yes, we started using Rails in 2005.
Is Ruby on Rails used to power the Rails Magazine web site?
Yes, of course!

Authoring Questions

How can I write for Rails Magazine?
You don't have to be famous, a friend of the editors, or to be a Ruby or Rails professional. You can submit ideas on our contact form. If you would like to get published and are looking for inspiration for a subject, contact us.
Who owns the content?
You do. We require exclusive rights for 30 days after publication, after that you are free to post the article on your blog or any other site.
What format should my article be in? Do you have any particular requirements or tips for prospective writers?
You can send us articles in all major formats. Please check our Author Guidelines for the specifics and additional details.
How long should my article be?
"As long as it needs to be, and not any longer". Of course, we have space restrictions, but if your article really needs more space than we have, it can be featured across multiple issues.
What is the deadline for submitting articles?
Articles submitted are queued and prioritized by the editor. If it is too late to include your article in the upcoming issue, it will be queued for inclusion in next releases. In general, the deadline is 2 weeks prior to the release of the issue. For example, January 15th is the last date when submissions for the February issue will be accepted.

Advertising and Sponsorship Questions

How can I advertise in Rails Magazine?
Please contact sales /at/ railsmagazine /dot/ com with any questions related to advertising or if you're interested in sponsoring Rails Magazine and its authors.