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Top 10 Reasons to Publish in Rails Magazine

  1. Gain recognition - differentiate and establish yourself as a Rails expert and published author.
  2. Showcase your skills. Find new clients. Drive relevant traffic to your blog or business.
  3. Gain karma points for sharing your knowledge with the Ruby on Rails community.
  4. You have something to say and want to get your message out.
  5. Get the Rails Magazine Author badge for your site.
  6. You recognize a good opportunity when you see it. Joining a magazine's editorial staff is generally easier in the early stages of the publication.
  7. Spread the word about your business or showcase your skills.
  8. Reach a large pool of influencers and Rails-savvy developers (for recruiting, educating, product promotion etc).
  9. See your work beautifully laid out in a professional magazine.
  10. You like the idea of a free Rails magazine and would like us to succeed (article submissions being essential for this).
  11. Have fun and amaze your friends by living a secret life as a magazine columnist :-)

Don't hesitate and contact us to get started. For more details, check our FAQ. Also, please spread the word about Rails Magazine.